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Project Description

This plug-in gives you the feature of adding Rich text box in MS CRM 2011 forms without using any server side HTML or JS or Aspx page.

User will get as many as RTB's in a form as per requirement.

Why to use this plug-in?

First question that always comes in one's mind is why only this but not any other method or tool?

The answer is right here.

First thing is, MS CRM does not directly provide the feature for RTB in forms and most of the times, user want RTB in form

Secondly, you do not have to do any server side change or file system changes.

Few easy steps to follow and you will get what you are looking for..:)

Limitations in MS CRM 2011  :

1. MS CRM 2011 currently does not support RTB in forms.

2. Before this plug-in, to incorporate RTB in form, some custom ASPX or server side HTML was required.


What we get in this custom Rich text box plug-in

1. We get Rich text box in CRM form with just including one JavaScript file

2. Developer can configure the character limit for rich text box


Steps to integrate it in your project:

Find the steps to include it in your form in Documentation section and plug-in code in the Source code section.

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